PathVisio 3 plugins

You can find a list of all available plugins in the plugin repository.

Plugin developers can provide documentation and write a blog in this domain ( See the available plugin blogs below (some are still under development and not available in the repository yet).

Plugin Description Lead developer Status
Paver A plugin that helps creating pathways. A lot of steps can be performed automatically, e.g. creating annotated data nodes, connecting data nodes with interactions,… Christ Leemans, GSoC 2013 under development
SBML2GPML Converting SBML (Systems Biology Markup Language) models to GPML pathway diagrams that can be opened in PathVisio. Sri Harsha, GSoC 2013 under development
WikiPathways Client Plugin Search, browse and upload pathways from/to WikiPathways Sravanthi Sinha, GSoC 2013 under development