Last week my task was to integrate the bio models into the plugin using its web service. But I could not complete it as I was struck with several bugs in my code. The SBML import was not working which in turn affected the visualization of the components of the sbml file feature because visualization of the components depends on the SBML file import. The other problem I had was the duplication of the buttons which are involved in the plugin. It looks like the following:


As you can see in the image, SBML side pane got repeated twice and the validate,force directed layout buttons too. This was actually affecting the import of the sbml file.

Later, I fixed this issue by clearing the cache. I removed the existing data which was stored in the AppData/Pathvisio which made the magic. This was a new thing which I learned.

Though my import was working fine, the visualization of the components of the sbml file was not working then.

The problem is that the imported file was not getting set to a doc variable which resulted in the bug. This commit fixes it.

I added comments to the code and added licenses. I haven’t finished the integration of the bio models yet. I will be working on it and will complete it in few days.


Sri Harsha.P

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