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I am overjoyed to present the SBML export feature in this project. Now one can export the gpml file as sbml. Here is a brief summary about the import and export. When ever the SBML file is imported into the Pathvisio editor. It is internally converted into gpml by using SBGN PD as a bridge. Then, while exporting the gpml file should be converted back into the sbml through SBGN PD.

The following screen shots delineate the functionality of the SBML Export:


Figure 1: Importing an SBML file.


Figure 2: After importing the sbml file into the editor and clicking on export button from the file menu.


Figure 3: Saving it in a preferred location. Note:  Should select the sbml extension from the drop down.


Figure 4: Saved SBML file on the disk.



Figure 5: The output file after exporting with all the details like species,reactions,list of reactants, list of species and species references.


Sri Harsha.P

2 thoughts on “SBML Export

  1. What is happening to the math formula, SBML rules, parameters, events that were existing in the original SBML model. Are they kept or lost during the round trip conversion ?


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