Welcome to the homepage for my Google Summer of Code(GSoC) Project.

I’m Christ Leemans, Bsc BiomedicalScience at Maastricht University.
During my internship at the bioinformatics department I developed a plugin for pathvisio[1].
It brought me in contact with PathVisio[2] and I also heard about google summer of code during this internship.
That’s why this year I applied for GSoC with my own project proposal[3], a plugin for pathvisio, called PathBuilder.

A short description of the project:
My idea is to create a plugin that aids the user of PathVisio in pathway creation by automating the process of connecting data nodes based on knowledge from different data sources such as interaction databases and text mining of literature. The user will be able to provide a list of data identifiers(representing e.g. gene products and metabolites).The plugin will create data nodes based on this input and it will make use of the “pathwayLoom” plugin[4] to look for possible connections between these nodes. After the nodes are connected a pathway will be drawn in a way that is clear and understandable for the user.


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