Today I’m happy to announce that PathBuilder version 0.4 is now available for download. This version has a lot improvements compared to the version 0.2 I showed in my previous blogpost. There are now 4 different menu items made available by the plugin.

Build new Pathway:

Creates a new pathway with the nodes or connections given in the input.

Add to Pathway:

adds the nodes or connections given in the input on the right side of the existing pathway.

Layout All:

applies a layout algorithm to all the nodes of the pathway.

Layout Selection:

applies a layout algorithm to the nodes selected by the user.


The creation of connections has been extended with mim-type support. And in order to help speed up and make adding nodes and connections with the manual input easier, an auto-complete function has been added. With this function it’s no longer necessary to completely spell out a mim-type or database name.


By applying the layout function on a pathway, an automated layout algorithm is run. The result is that connected nodes are drawn close to each other. After using the layout function the user can thus easily drag nodes to the right place.

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