This Blogpost I’d like to use to tell something about PathLayout, a separate package for layout algorithms in PathVisio.

The Paver plugin uses this package for it’s layout functions. But because it is a separate package, other plugin projects can also make use of this package.

Currently the following layout algorithms are supported:

  • Balloon:

A Layout implementation that assigns positions to vertices using associations with nested circles. (source: jung)

  • Fruchterman-Reingold:

The Fruchterman-Rheingold algorithm. (source: jung)

  • ISOM:

Meyer’s “Self-Organizing Map” layout. (source: jung)

  • Kamada-Kawai:

The Kamada-Kawai algorithm for node layout. (source: jung)

  • Spring:

A simple force-directed spring-embedder. (source: jung)

  • Prefuse:

Force-Directed layout algorithm of the Prefuse software package. (source: prefuse)


If you want to use pathlayout in your own plugin project:

  • download the jar file here. 
  • download depending on the source the following jar files (here):


– jung-api-2.0.1.jar

– jung-graph-impl-2.0.1.jar

– jung-algorithms-2.0.1.jar

– collections-generic-4.01.jar


– prefuse.jar

  • Add the downloaded jars to your lib folder
  • Use the layout enumerator from the LayoutManager class to select and instantiate your layouts





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