Now we can directly open pathway from WikiPathways on right click of pathway node that is annotated with pathway Identifier.

Considering an example pathways – WP4 ,when we import  it or get it loaded into PathVisio after searching  on Wikpathways through WikipathwaysClient Plugin. We can see that TCA Cycle pathway node is annotated with Pathway Identifier (WP78) and Datasource (‘WikiPathways’).

On Right Click of the “TCA Cycle” (Datanode) an option “Open pathways From Wikipathways”  will exist on choosing it  we get the  Pathway (WP78) loaded into PathVisio.








Implementation Details:

Here,  we  concentrate on the Xref of the pathway node which is annotated with pathway Identifier. If  the Xref Datesource is WikiPathways then we get the ID of the Wikipathways. The ID is nothing but the pathway to be opened with that ID.



2 thoughts on “Feature: Open pathway for pathway node that is annotated with pathway identifier

  1. Great! Don’t forget to handle exceptions and give useful exception messages to the user, e.g. what if the pathway is annotated with an invalid identifier or if the pathway was deleted in the meantime.
    Nice work!

  2. Thanks for the suggestions, I have Handled the Exceptions and provided useful Exception Messages, eg: when the pathway annotated with invalid identifier (ie)
    If the identifier does not start with “WP”, the Identfier must have a number. If the annoated pathway doesn’t exist (if the pathway was deleted in the meantime).


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