Now we can directly open pathway from WikiPathways on right click of Data Node that is well  annotated .

Considering an example pathways – WP434 ,when we import  it or get it loaded into PathVisio after searching  on Wikpathways through WikipathwaysClient Plugin. We can see that “Acetyl-CoA” (Metabolite) is annotated with Pathway Identifier (HMDB01206) and Datasource (‘HMDB’).




On Right Click of the “Acetyl-CoA” (Metabolite) an option “Open pathways From Wikipathways”  will exist on choosing it  we get the  Dialog with list of all th e pathways which contain element- “Acetyl-CoA” (Metabolite)




As of  now only one Data Node  can be selected . I would extend the Feature to open pathway from WikiPathways on selection of set Data Nodes




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