It gives me immense pleasure to announce that WikiPathways Client Plugin version 0.2 is now available for download. This version has a new feature (i.e) Upload Pathways from Pathvisio.


Search Pathways (Basic and Advanced)
Browse Pathways
Upload Pathways (Create and update)

Additional Features:

Open pathway for pathway node that is annotated with pathway identifier
Open pathways which contain similar element as of the selected DataNode
For additional info:

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It gives me a immense pleasure to bring into notice that, we have now a feature in WikiPathways Client Plugin which would enable the user to Upload (create/update) Pathways from PathVisio.

Step by step demonstration:

1. Create a Pathway-

  • Select Plugins>>WikiPathways>>Upload>> Create Pathway 

(If their is no Pathway to Upload, the options are disabled)



  • Create a Pathway in PathVisio, then click on Create Pathway. A Login Panel appears – Fill the User Credentials.


  • If you don’t  have an account on WikiPathways or you have entered wrong User Credentials.


  • If the User Credentials are valid, then a Description Panel appears, where you have to fill the description to be added to the Pathway.



  • Now the Pathwasy will be created and uploaded to WikiPathways with Default Curation Tag -‘ Under Construction’.



2. Upload Pathway

  • Search the Pathway From WikiPathways Client Plugin- to be updated .




  •  Select Plugins>>WikiPathways>>Update>> UploadPathway  -Description Panel appears

(Login Panel appears if you haven’t logged in)




  • If their are no new revisions available online for the Pathway to be updated, then the Pathway will be updated.


update success